Monday, February 23, 2009

Robert Pattinson at the Oscars

Ok... I've been watching the Academy Awards earlier, and I enjoyed watching it very much (heehee). The first reason is of course, because like everyone else, I'm also interested in who gets an Oscar. Second, Hugh Jackman is the host (haha, I just love him) and he sung and danced quite well too, especially that number with Beyonce, and the stars of High School Musical and Mamma Mia (?) ->I'm not sure on this one, correct me if I'm wrong. AND Robert Pattinson was there!! Kyaaaaa!! Ok... I love him, and I'm so happy to see him present the Montage of Love in 2008 with Mamma Mia star Amanda Siegfried.

And during the announcement of the nominees for best actor in a leading role, he was
sitting behind Mickey Rourke. haha. Ehem... Sorry, I was just happy to see him there... made my day.

Anyways, here's the video, which was uploaded by
xEdwardsMeteorx (Not by me)

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