Saturday, March 19, 2011


Wow, it's been a super looooooong time since I posted anything, or made new stories... been too busy lately. I sometimes wonder if I still know how to write stories, or stuffs. Anyway, been reading some wonderful books, love the plots, love the characters, love the whole package. I've also been selling some of my books, my most precious possessions, since my mother told me I should make good use of them, and not just leave them piling around my room (Though I swear I've been making excellent use of the books, they've been with me for quite a while, I've read them more than once, and still they're in excellent condition, and by excellent I mean *Like new*) Well, I sold six of them to a friend today *sighs* the only consolation, aside from the decent refund is that I know they'll be in good hands. Ja ne~ my precious Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Dead and Gone, Fallen, Hush Hush, and Beautiful Creatures. You've been excellent companions *wipes tear*.

All righty... enough of the drama or I might cry my heart out. Anyways... as I've said, I've been reading some stuffs lately, books I've recently purchased, and some of the old stories I made.

For the first stuffs, I so love THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY!!! I love the whole series, and it's one series you really seriously positively cannot put down. I love Peeta and Katniss, and Gale, and Finnick, and the whole thing. And now it's one of my all time favorites. Also, I'm so excited for it's coming movie (and the coming Mortal Instruments movie which I hope Alex Pettyfer will star.) I wonder who's playing Peeta and Gale, there have been lots of candidates, and a lot of people wanted different stars for the different roles. I just hope that whoever will be chosen for the movie will do the story and the characters justice. ^_^

I'm going to read Beastly and I am Number Four next, and then The Lost Duke of Wyndham and Mr. Cavendish I Presume by one of my favorite authors, Julia Quinn. I bought the books a few weeks ago, but I haven't had the time to read them yet. But I will find the time to read them for sure.

For the second stuffs, I was rummaging on my old stuffs and found some of the stories I made before. A lot of them were unfinished, so I'm hoping to finish them as well. Then I'm going to interrupt my friends, and have them read the stories I made.

I find writing this post quite refreshing, after a few months of not touching this blog, I was finally able to come back again *yay me*. Writing is such a wonderful stress reliever.

I hope to post back again soon. And to those who visited for the past months, I thank you.

@paigr: Thanks! ^_^ and Mortal Instruments will have THREE MORE BOOKS!!! *Hurrah!!!!!*

@bp: Arigato gozaimasu! - yup they do, they totally totally do...

@irle: There is now ^_^ thanks for visiting

I'm going to finish Two Months of Summer, and the Alterran and Farron stuff that's still untitled but already read by my friends Kristine, Reich, and Joni, who loves me dearly ^_^

Thanks and see yah! matta ne~~!!!

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