Friday, April 27, 2012


Currently sitting outside a convention in a hotel in Davao City. Waiting waiting waiting... Trying intently to find something interesting to do in this idle time. I've been speaking with the people around the area, checking the internet for news whenever the intermittent connection gets a bit steady and I can actually open my online accounts. 
Thinking of watching Avengers on the cinema, but knowing that if I do go with that decision It'll be pretty cramped. Lots of people are watching the hot movie at the moment, one of the malls even had 5 cinemas open for that one show. 
Anyway, now it's pretty warm in the 2nd floor of the function lobby I'm staying in. Weird since it's supposed to be air conditioned... Where did all the payments go?
I'm all just ranting. Nothing substantial in this little post, nothing informative as most of the case with the posts I'm posting. I still haven't created that blog I was planning before and now thinking of selling some of my books on facebook and ebay. Also, I would like to finish the novel I've been reading last night. It's by Erin McCarthy and it's really entertaining. As usual, Ms. McCarthy's amazing. I'll continue to read the said novel later on and if I'm not too lazy perhaps practice actually making reviews of the books I've read. I'm told it could give out positive results.
I shall strive to do just that... I could even return to writing on pen and paper and not simply typing things up, though i know typing it on the computer is more practical. Knowing that you won't go on typing the same things you've written before. Thus, twice the work. Plus you can post it immediately after typing :)
Rants off :)

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