Friday, February 15, 2008


An addiction/obsession or something I’d prefer calling “Love”, yes, its love—seriously, no objections—could be a way for us to discover new things, amazing things. Like for instance, my love for Shirota Yuu has led me to watching the incredibly wonderful Hanazakari no Kimitachi e live action where he played Kagurazaka, the national level high jumper who at first was thought to be bad, but was actually a good guy who even helped Sano (Oguri Shun) regain his high jumping skills.

Now, the same love introduced me to the drama Koshonin which translates to “The Negotiator”. In this drama, Shirota plays Mariya Kyosuke, a criminal on the death row who, as mentioned by a reporter had killed people when he was 19. He appeared at the start of the series, confined. His character’s a bit erm… creepy, definitely creepy. He probably has some relationship with the main character since the two of them seemed close. they’re probably friends or something. Hehe sorry if I couldn’t give any sure information regarding the character’s history because the series is still ongoing and I’ve only managed to see until episode 2. I’ll be watching more episodes later.

The character is really creepy, yet adorable at the same time, maybe it’s because Shirota’s playing the part. Anyways, I think he played the role very well. The impression was like a Criminal L or something similar to that. Ahh… it makes you love him more, he’s definitely a very talented actor *hearts*.

Ehem, putting Shirota aside, the series in my opinion is very good. The scenes, the events, the way the characters think, it’s amazing. It makes you want to see more of it. It’s definitely not a boring drama. Btw, Kyo Nobuo, the one who played Himejima Masao in Hana-Kimi is the hostage taker on episode 2.

Here are some of Shirota’s screen shots on the series:

And finally before posting this entry, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONI!!! tigulang n jud ka! Bwahahahahahaha


Toma'sGirl said...

hehe from what you had posted i think that this series is something to lookforward to..i think i would be very willing to watch this type of series..and a creepy-shirota yuu is definitely a must see!!^^

... said...

I just read this post and I want to thank you for including me here.hehehe.I know it's too late but still I want to say thank you. I am looking forward to see this movie. You are one of my sources (you know what I mean). I think I just have to wait.hehehe