Friday, February 8, 2008


First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for the long and I mean long delay on the story updates. T.T I'm really sorry. Actually, I've already made some intros and plots for the new chapters, but unfortunately, I haven't had time to finish them. Reasons? Well, We have two projects, whose dues are drawing near, reports, erm... exam week (just finished), documents still waiting for updates or submission, :( All these work makes you really feel the student in you, haha! Probably payback for all the time I've wasted slacking before.

Anyways, right now there are a lot of things to do so I might not be able to update the stories but I'm working on them, promise! I'll finish them when I get the time, I'll probably upload another chapter of An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love sequel part 4, I've already managed to give it a title so I might finish it soon, hopefully. As for now (NOTE: Our exams had just ended, ne?) I'll be reading a blog of Japanese content with the help of I'm very very happy with the discovery courtesy of Reich and Rigel haha! Salamat Kaayo so much :D now I will be able to read Shirota's blog. BWAHAHAHAHA! Well sometimes the translation's difficult to understand, it's probably translating per character resulting to some shuffled sentences, you might have to rearrange them to Subject-Object-Verb order, because Japanese Sentences as I have read are constructed that way in contrast to the English language's S-V-O. I'm very happy right now~ I will be able to read what my dear Shirota is writing :D Ureshii kata ~ lol, did I get it right?

I'll do some slacking this time, since exams had just finished~ So on to watching anime anime and lots of anime, and reading some of the fanfictions I've subscribed to. Tomorrow I'll be getting back to work, :D I'll enjoy this time first.

Ja~ ne!

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