Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thinking of Something to Write

It's been a while since I wrote anything fictional (not that anyone's reading them though hihi ^_^ aside from my good friends and a few family members. I miss writing stories that just suddenly comes into your head and makes you think "hmm... what if?". I've been a little busy with stuff stuffs. And with an urgent need to lose gained pounds by eating lots of stuffs from newly opened stores, restos, and places, and lack of needed exercise.

Anyways, it's Kadayawan sa Davao an annual event in my most loved Davao. So lots of things are happening around the city. I texted my friends around an hour ago, and we're planning to hang out after.

So again, I still have that silly ability of shifting topics in a post. I started with "It's been a while since I wrote anything fictional" and went to Kadayawan... I'm pretty much post ranting again. Anyways (for the second time), I've been making some sort of story (sometimes when I'm at home, and not feeling like reading any of the books I have, or watching some movie/series) that revolves around people with special abilities. Haha... I know very original... anyways (3rd time) I've been working on it right now, thinking of character names, plots, the usual stuffs, and I hope that I can finish this one, and still hope that my friends/family members aren't too busy to read such stuffs. :)

I'll be watching a movie later on, well that's the original plan... hopefully, or just hang out at some resto, not eat too much food, have some nice friend-talk. If we do watch a movie, I hope it's a good one. I haven't had the time to browse at the Cinema now showing lately, but we'll know about it once we're there.

So to sum up... I'm not going to eat too much, I'm going to do my best to wake up early and do some nice running everyday, I'm going to go out tonight to enjoy some of the Kadayawan festivities, and I'm going to finish writing the stuff I've been recently thinking about lately. Did I forget anything?

Well... that's all for now

Ramblings Out ^_^

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