Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Amie

Some call her Mother Lily, others, Sister Lily, to a few she is Manang Lily, to her children, Mommy, and to us, her apo she’s our Amie.

Amie has played a major role in our lives. She taught us many things, helped us in our challenges, and showed us a great example of an overall good person.

Amie taught us the value of prayer and often encourages us to pray the rosary as a family at home, and go to mass every Sunday. She always tells us to have faith in the Lord, “Pag pray lang, magtabang man si Jesus” she will always say. And she reminds us to thank the Lord for the blessings that He’s given us.

Amie is very supportive and is always proud of us, her grandchildren. Whenever we tell her stories of our achievements, no matter how small they may be she’s always happy and proud of us, never forgetting to say “Praise God” to thank Him for her apo’s success.

She is generous. Amie encourages us to share what we have to others in the same way she shows us how it is to share. Amie is always ready to lend a hand. Whenever we tell her of our concern, and if she could do anything to solve it or make it better, without hesitation she will help. Through ups and downs, she is always there for us.

A strong woman, Amie is always dependable. An intelligent person, she always know what to say. Loving and caring, she watches out for us. Open minded, she understands our shortcomings and is the coolest lola. Kind hearted, she helps those in need. Strong in faith, Amie is our example of an overall good person. And as she is proud of us, we are also very proud of her, because Amie has lived her life in Faith, in service to God and her fellow men and women. Amie’s one great soul, and she’s one of the best people we know who loves true.

Words are not enough to describe her for her kindness, her deeds, and her individuality, because she is by all means, beyond description. Not just us, her family, Amie’s touched many lives and helped a lot of people. Everyone always have good things to say about Amie, and I know what I’ve written and said on this piece would never sum up everything she’s shared with us, and with the community.

It’s a great honor knowing her, and a greater honor of being a part of her life, of her family. I thank the Lord God for giving me, and giving us the gift of having a wonderful grandmother like you. Amie, I love you, we love you, thank you for everything. We will forever cherish your love, your lessons, your life… And like what you always tell us before we go out to school, to work, to face life’s new beginning, God Bless, Mother Lily, Sister Lily, Manang Lily, Mommy, God Bless Our Amie.

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