Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I know it's already the second day of the new year, but I wasn't able to post anything during the New Year (January 1) as I was preoccupied with cooking stuffs for our Noche Buena. I decided to cook since I haven't really done a lot of it since last new year. I only made simple stuffs though, like Cookies and Cream layered cake, I cooked the ham so it must count for something as well, and chili con carne. My mom made the pasta and other stuffs. Then the rest we ordered ^_^ It's so much easier.

So we still have the New Year's eve basic stuffs, like greens (letuce) in the form of the fresh lumpia since it symbolizes cash (green veggies look like crumpled cash or something), malagkit so it's sapin2x bought from my brother's friend :), oranges on the table, the cotton, rice, water stuff also for the table, and the sweets, lots of sweets for those with a sweet tooth, like me :D

It's been wonderful. Then during the day, we ate and ate and I cooked again and ate, an addition to the pounds (but that's all right, it's a celebration after all!). Then I opened a book I've recently purchased, it's called Switched by Amanda Hocking at it was awesome. I just love it. And now, I'm digging in the second book. Another great read to add to my favorites list.

Anyway, it's a wonderful start to a new year. Thank you Lord for helping us in 2011 and we ask for Your guidance in 2012.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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