Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Years' Resolution

1. Money Control - Make a proper budget (with label envelopes) for my expenses

e.g. one envelope for daily allowance, one for phone bill, another for book allowance, one for my savings and so forth (like if I wish to items like let's say a new computer, I'd make another envelope and label it "New Computer Fund").

This way, I will be able to properly check on my expenses.

STATUS: Started - it's up to me to continue the practice

2. Healthy Eating - I shall do my best to avoid eating junk food or fast food. Also, I shall strive to eat on time and drink lots of water (I used to do this before and it helped me lose weight, I just got sidetracked and you know... just ate whatever came to mind) so yeah... another NYR :)

3. Jog and Walk - Again I've been doing this a lot before. Like I walk home instead of using the public transpo, then I got into the habbit of using the public transpo often. So I'm hoping to go back to my fantastic walking hobby from before.

4. Do a lot of blogging - I've been keeping this blog for a while, I haven't updated it as often as I did before, so I'm going to go back to blogging again. I enjoy it a lot and I think it can really help me with coping up with stress and stuffs, plus it's an awesome pastime (me thinks). So my plans: I want to keep a book review blog for my book reviews, and a food and places blog (since I love to explore and to check out foodstuffs from different places - note: Not really overeating, just exploring different cuisines, and it's not all fast food so I'll still be keeping up with my number 2.

5. Go business go! - In relation to number 1, I shall have to find more means of earning. :) And I think going back to my usual ways (selling stuffs) could really help me here.

So basically, I have to think back to the times where I was able to do positive stuffs and gain positive results and then do those positive stuffs this year for positive results this year. It seems that I've forgotten the things I've been doing before which were actually beneficial to me. I'll do my best to be better this 2012.

Ja ne~~ :)

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