Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wow, holiday rush everywhere!!! Got to the mall earlier today and balked at going into the supermarket for some last minute shopping. But still, it's been a great week and I'm very thankful to the Lord for it. 

So I won't keep writing more, anyway I just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to everyone!!! And let's not forget the real reason we're celebrating the season. It's the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Have a happy Christmas all, and a prosperous new year!!!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Currently sitting outside a convention in a hotel in Davao City. Waiting waiting waiting... Trying intently to find something interesting to do in this idle time. I've been speaking with the people around the area, checking the internet for news whenever the intermittent connection gets a bit steady and I can actually open my online accounts. 
Thinking of watching Avengers on the cinema, but knowing that if I do go with that decision It'll be pretty cramped. Lots of people are watching the hot movie at the moment, one of the malls even had 5 cinemas open for that one show. 
Anyway, now it's pretty warm in the 2nd floor of the function lobby I'm staying in. Weird since it's supposed to be air conditioned... Where did all the payments go?
I'm all just ranting. Nothing substantial in this little post, nothing informative as most of the case with the posts I'm posting. I still haven't created that blog I was planning before and now thinking of selling some of my books on facebook and ebay. Also, I would like to finish the novel I've been reading last night. It's by Erin McCarthy and it's really entertaining. As usual, Ms. McCarthy's amazing. I'll continue to read the said novel later on and if I'm not too lazy perhaps practice actually making reviews of the books I've read. I'm told it could give out positive results.
I shall strive to do just that... I could even return to writing on pen and paper and not simply typing things up, though i know typing it on the computer is more practical. Knowing that you won't go on typing the same things you've written before. Thus, twice the work. Plus you can post it immediately after typing :)
Rants off :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Almost There

Counting the days till the release of the fifth installment of Cassandra Clare's super awesome Mortal Instruments series (I don't know if it's still ok for me to call it the 'Mortal Instruments' series since they've already fixed that trouble on book 3: City of Glass ^_^ but the title sticks so yeah I'm using it still). I'm really excited since I've read some sizzling hot excerpt (which according to Miss Clare might/will be revised for younger readers) with Jace and Clary and I'm like whoa!!! please please please have the book released earlier pretty please.
I'm also looking forward to reading The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead. It's another of my all time faves, since I adore Adrian from the Vampire Academy Series and is hoping to hear more from him with his sad ending on Last Sacrifice. I'm looking forward to his relationship with Sidney Sage. They're like complete opposites of each other. With Sidney as the perfect model for Alchemist good behavior (according to most alchemists since we all know what she did), and Adrian, the bad boy (you know what I mean). Anyway, I'm so looking forward to these two installments. And I hope our bookshops nearby won't disappoint by getting the copies too late or something. But I'm pretty positive I'll get the books on time ^_^

Right now, I've been busying myself with some other books by other authors. The last book I've finished (last night and I slept at around 2am), is Clarity by Kim Harrington. I'm totally loving the series. I'm off to reading Perception right after. Then on my shelf is Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins. They're both entertaining reads. I should make a booklist roll or something, with books read and on shelf to read, and looking forward to... Like on goodreads. Or better yet, stick to goodreads. You get the latest news and stuffs, plus detailed book reviews so you don't have to wonder much if it's worth buying or not.

I'm pretty much making insensible rants again. It's becoming a habit whenever I open my dashboard and click new post. I couldn't stop myself ^_^. I'm trying again to write something as always, bought a few notebooks and some pen which just ends up piling on my already tall pile of notebooks and pens for future use (hopefully when I actually have the inspiration and patience to start writing again).

As I said, rants again... must stop
So I'll just post this post and then check if the rain has stopped pouring outside. Since it was pouring hard about an hour ago.

Friday, January 6, 2012

OMG So Exciting!

I visited Ms. Cassandra Clare's website and found the cover for City of Lost Souls! And gosh I'm so excited... I cannot wait to read it, I know it's gonna be AWESOME! It's going to be released on the 8th of May, 5 months from now (patience patience patience).

The guy on the cover posing for Jace's gorgeous. And does this mean Clary and Jace are finally gonna get back together *crossing fingers hoping for the best* I mean because the ending of City of Fallen Angels is such a cliffy, made me "WHOA-WHAAAAAAAAAAAT-WAIIIIIIIT-DON'T END YET-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" so I'm really really really really really looking forward to the next installment in this super wonderful awesomest favorite of mine :) And yay!!! 5 months to go!! :D

Me super excited


I really couldn't understand why some people just wouldn't ask you properly if it's all right for you to wait for them until such time... I have stuffs to do you know? I have a life of my own. I wouldn't be this annoyed if you'd just ask before you assume.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Considering Keyboard

Made a partial draft of first chapter of the story I'm working last night. Typing on the computer's pretty nice, but I think I might have gotten too used to my workplace keyboard. When I did the typing at home my fingers got a little stiff... Perhaps there is a need to purchase a new keyboard. Preferrably something similar to the one I'm using at work, but I quite like my keyboard at home...


Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Years' Resolution

1. Money Control - Make a proper budget (with label envelopes) for my expenses

e.g. one envelope for daily allowance, one for phone bill, another for book allowance, one for my savings and so forth (like if I wish to items like let's say a new computer, I'd make another envelope and label it "New Computer Fund").

This way, I will be able to properly check on my expenses.

STATUS: Started - it's up to me to continue the practice

2. Healthy Eating - I shall do my best to avoid eating junk food or fast food. Also, I shall strive to eat on time and drink lots of water (I used to do this before and it helped me lose weight, I just got sidetracked and you know... just ate whatever came to mind) so yeah... another NYR :)

3. Jog and Walk - Again I've been doing this a lot before. Like I walk home instead of using the public transpo, then I got into the habbit of using the public transpo often. So I'm hoping to go back to my fantastic walking hobby from before.

4. Do a lot of blogging - I've been keeping this blog for a while, I haven't updated it as often as I did before, so I'm going to go back to blogging again. I enjoy it a lot and I think it can really help me with coping up with stress and stuffs, plus it's an awesome pastime (me thinks). So my plans: I want to keep a book review blog for my book reviews, and a food and places blog (since I love to explore and to check out foodstuffs from different places - note: Not really overeating, just exploring different cuisines, and it's not all fast food so I'll still be keeping up with my number 2.

5. Go business go! - In relation to number 1, I shall have to find more means of earning. :) And I think going back to my usual ways (selling stuffs) could really help me here.

So basically, I have to think back to the times where I was able to do positive stuffs and gain positive results and then do those positive stuffs this year for positive results this year. It seems that I've forgotten the things I've been doing before which were actually beneficial to me. I'll do my best to be better this 2012.

Ja ne~~ :)