Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My very own City of Fallen Angels wee!!!

So it's raining outside. Well, it was raining pretty hard about fifteen minutes ago and I decided to wait for it to tame down a bit before I head home. Yupz, I'm currently in the office right now, in front of my office computer :) There isn't much to do at the moment (*at the moment). I already sent the stuffs I had to send, and things, so right now my mind is running with the words "I love Jace". Gosh, Ms. Cassandra Clare's works are just fan-tastic! Totally addicting so I really can't wait to get home and fix myself a big dose of City of Fallen Angels. I only started reading it last night, stopped at chapter 13 because it was already around 3am and I have work the next day, but ended up late, and drowsy anyway, but still eager to read the next pages of the yummy book. And speaking of the City of Fallen Angels book, I'd like to thank my friend and his girlfriend (Super Thanks Guys!!!!) for helping me get a copy of the book. You see, COFA (let's use this acro for short) is not yet available in Davao City book shops. So try as I may in begging the customer service lady of National Bookstore (thanks for bearing with my weirdness btw) to hand me a copy, it was not possible in such a short time. Fortunately, friend here, who also searched the shops just like me, had another friend, who came from a land far away overflowing with the lates stuffs who is also, fortunately, a big fan of the series, and who was kind enough to buy the COFA and ship it to this faraway land (Gosh, waiting to read the COFA is making me crazy, though I think it's sort of like a partial stuff even before I waited to wait to read the COFA which never really happened since after I found out the Mortal Instruments will have another book following the said trilogy, I was already very excited and therefore waited to read the COFA-- Ok I'm getting off topic, if I ever had a topic, wait, yeah I do...) Anyway, friends helped me get a copy and for that I thank them very much. ^___^ Now the rain seems to stop, and since I want to know what happens next, *I'm really nice so you realize, no spoilers on the post *grins** except for ramblings which you think perhaps are probably nonsensical, and if you do think that way, I thank you for reaching until this line of the post.

Ja! I gotta go, I still have a date with Jace *mwah!*


Anonymous said...

gosh, i reaaaally want my own copy of CoFA. it's still not available in National Bookstore. </3 i can't wait to get my hands on it and read it.

Pipan P said...

@anonymous: If you happen to come back within the day I can give you my reserved copy. NBS Gmall called me an hour ago. There's a copy waiting to be grabbed at the Customer Service counter within 24 hours. I already have my own, so if you want to grab it and in case you drop by this page,just send me a message. I'm also waiting for my friend's reply btw. :) Thanks and have a nice day!!!

Pipan P said...

Oh, and I meant give as in, you can purchase it from NBS. hihi... Really don't have much funds for gift giving at the moment teehee!!:D Thanks for dropping by