Thursday, March 13, 2008

Okono Okono Okonomiyaki

Earlier this day about Lunch time, I was alone at home and since I was alone I needed to make my own lunch. That moment, I had this idea of trying out something new and what came to my mind is the yummy Japanese dish Okonomiyaki. All thanks to the image I recalled from the wonderful JDrama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, they were eating it on lots of scenes and remembering those scenes made me want to eat the treat. I have already ate this dish more than a couple of times before, but I haven't tried cooking it. Luckily, there is the ever reliable internet. I've tried searching for recipes and managed to read one. I just tried to check if the ingredients are available and since they are, voila! Experimentation time. I've decided to have Okonomiyaki for lunch. I'm not very particular with the measurements, and I oftentimes don't follow the instructions... I make my own (ahhaha I'm too lazy!), You should try it! It's really fun... The result still tasted fine though... :D
These are the ingredients I used:

cabbage (as much as you'd like, just as long as the batter can cope)
eggs (Depends on how much cabbage you'd have, I've used about 3)
flour (not too much, about 2-3 tbsp.)
salt (Just a little to add some flavor)
pepper (depends on your preferences)
oil (1-2 tbsp, for frying)

How to make it:
cut the cabbage to fine slices/shred the cabbage!! SHRED BWAHAHAHA!, wash and set aside
beat the eggs on a bowl and add in the flour, salt and pepper
mix in the cabbage and mix mix mix them all until all the leafy cabbage is covered with the eggy batter
heat the frying pan and add oil
then when it's all hot, start cooking the okonomiyaki, the same way you cook pancakes.
garnish it with mayonnaise!

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