Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rival II: An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love Sequel Part 5

Hi! I'm currently working on another story, it's called Pretend, It's probably not going to take a lot of chapters, perhaps just about three or four chapters, it's a quick one. I've based it on one of the other stories I've created which is not posted here. Well, I've read the whole thing again and it lacks erm... something so with the plot of that other story, I added up some things, subtracted other things and hopefully, it'll turn out all right...

Ok, I've gotten to another matter again, back to the post,
Chapter 5... almost the same with chapter 4, only from a different Point of View, it's Asano Youichi's POV. :D Many thanks to Reich for reading and reviewing the story.

Here's Chapter 5
An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love Sequel Part 5: Rival II


Subtle_Hints said...

Yhey new story!! but you should promise to finish the stories you've posted here because they are great!! I love this youichi's POV..and I also love Souma's POV..^^ but i finally decided that youichi's mine!!^^ great posts..^^

Pipan P said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the character XD and Yes, I promise I'll finish the other stories. :D thanks for the comment :)