Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Sketch

It's already 3:37am on my clock and I'm amused to realize that I've only managed to do so little in five hours (Started at about 11:00pm) I've managed to edit our documents, do some error handling stuffs on some of our forms, and hmph... destroy my 'Add on-Call Sales' function/form, I have a backup of it though, and I've placed the codes on a notepad I secured to make sure I have something to look up if an event like some things going wrong (which in this case did go wrong) happens. Our defense is on Tuesday next week and I cannot afford to have any more mistakes. Come to think of it, we still haven't had our reports prepared. Every time I think about the coming defense, I feel my stomach twirling. Seriously, I'm getting fidgety over it.

Anyways, I know our group can do it, I'm sure we can manage this somehow. We've got to think positive and do what we can to finish it. To set the schedule, we should all be done by Sunday.

Here's some random sketch I made:

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