Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pretend Chapter 1

Me again. :D This is the first chapter of the new story I'm working on. It's called Pretend. Hmm... I've just re-read the first chapter and erm... I'm still not sure on this one so please tell me what you think about it, whether or not I should continue the story. I've made four chapters of it by the way, but as I've said, I'm not sure, when I read the whole thing I get the feeling that the story's way way rushed so erm... I'll try to read the whole thing again and see if it's all right the second time.

Yeah, for the synopsis...
Kagurazaka Ken is a famous singer who was chased by his fans. It's not an unusual event for a guy like him, but one time something unexpected happens. He meets a girl and asks him to pretend. :D

Like I said, I'm not good with summaries... haha, but please read anyway. :D

It's over here
Pretend Chapter 1

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