Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So far I've made about 10 or something pages for the fifth Chapter of A Phone Call Away, Half a chapter for An Angel Appears, a introduction for the second version of my Eyeshield 21 fanfic, two chapters for my Bleach fanfic, and I've started typing my other story with Aya and Kyoshiro, I've already made lots of chapters for it but it's still on paper, I've only finished typing until chapter 2. I'll be posting it soon, when I think it's all right. :D

I've been planning to watch Ayakashi and Strait Jacket because I cannot get myself to watch Fate Stay Night yet. I'm still not yet over Archer's death *sob* haha! As if delaying watching the last episodes would bring him back. Anyways, Reich assured me that Gilgamesh would have a defining moment on the last episode, perhaps I'll be looking forward to that (I actually want Gilgamesh and Saber to end up together, I'm starting--no--I am hating Shirou I'm sure of that).

I still hope my dear Archer would come back, I miss him so much. XD

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Toma'sGirl said...

LOL!!! Archer really is the hero of Fate Stay Night..because of him Saber and Rin is still alive..^_^ i'm looking forward to all the chapters you have soon,k? hehe ^_~