Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How do I know If like her? An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love

Heya!! Before anything else, I'd like to thank my cousin Pao for the lovely picture "Magic Tree" above ^^ I like looking at the picture. Hmm... impressions?? It's a beautiful drawing of lovers under a tree, and according to reich, it is simple but has a silent feel to it. It is very pleasant to look at, a feeling of serenity but somehow it makes me feel sort of erm... sad (just a bit). Don't get me wrong, the picture's really great but somehow, there's a certain something on it that makes my heart prick *sobs* Haha, gomen!!
Thanks Pao for allowing me to post your art here, I really love it!!
Want to see more??
Visit http://polgrim.deviantart.com

Ok, This evening, I've been trying to solve some quanti problems and I've only managed to get the first problem right *wink* the others? Well... I'm not sure about them and some of my answers are kinda different from the one on the answer key. :D

Anyways, I've currently finished typing a new story I've just started. I got the idea yesterday morning and wrote it on paper on our breaks on that same day so I wouldn't forget. It's called "How Do I Know If I Like Her? An idiot's guide to falling in love" Yep, the title's pretty long. :D lol. I'm planning on making it a two-three part story, just short.

A cool guy Souma Takeshi is having trouble deciphering his thoughts and his feelings. The reason? A girl named Koyou Haruka a.k.a. Class Nerd, Four Eyes.
Ok, you know I suck at making synopsis but please read the story anyway. :D Thanks!

Here's the Link:
How Do I Know If I Like Her? An Idiot's Guide to Falling In Love Part I


Subtle_Hints said...

hahaha LOL!!! this story is really funny yet very adorable at the same time..the guy is like.."Baka des ka?" but totally kawaii i love him..hahahaha please post more!!^_^

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the story yet but I noticed the picture..As I looked at it, I don't understand but I felt really really sad that my heart was like broken into pieces.

jet said...

Souma Takeshi is definitely in love! He is so funny. hehehe