Friday, January 18, 2008

How do I know if I like her? An Idiot's Guide To Falling in Love Part 2

Ok, I've finished writing the second part of the story. I've decided to make a two-part instead of a three-part. :D So this would be the last part of An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love. Actually, I'm not so sure about this one. I don't know if you'll like it. Anyways, Please tell me what you think about it, if it's lame or if it needs another part or whatever you feel like telling me about the story.

Today's my Grandmother's birthday btw... Happy Birthday 'Nay!! We've made a surprise for her, but she doesn't know about it yet (of course, It's a surprise!!)

Oh, and Some of my cousins are here right now! LOL. Back to the story, I'm telling you beforehand, I'm not so sure about it, so please please tell me what you think about it ok? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
And I still haven't made a link to connect the two parts, I'll do that later anyway the posts are close, so no trouble looking for the other part. Part one is the post before this post with the drawing "Magic Tree". ^^;

Here's the Link:
How Do I Know If I Like Her? An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love Part II


Toma's Girl said...

LOL!!! this was sooo sweet.. i badly need another chapter of this because it's so cute!! Innocent-bad boy huh? hahaha what a unique guy soo kawaii!!^_~

Pipan P said...

Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. I'm actually considering a sequel. :D Hmm... I'll try to think of a plot. :D Thanks for reading XD

Jet said...

He is totally a different person now. I bet the four-eyed girl Haruka is really beautiful, maybe not really in the looks (people don't notice it since she is not the cheerleader type of a girl)but there is something in her which is really amusing.May I know What's the 5th item? i want to know it. I'm a little bit