Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seeing Red: An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love Sequel Part 1

Hello!! It's me again... :D
Haha! Been doing some researching earlier-- how to connect VB6 to MySQL and guess what? None of the things I've tried worked out! XD But, I have to try harder, I'm sure there's a way for it to connect, I just haven't figured it out yet, maybe I've made some unnoticed errors... :D I'll be trying it again tomorrow. Hopefully, I get it right.

Ok, I've had an idea of a continuation for the story
"How do I know if I like her? An idiot's guide to falling in love" so I've decided to make a sequel of it. I'm not sure about this one so please tell me what you think about it.

Regarding the "A Phone Call Away" story I made... hmm... I've been trying to make a fifth chapter of it but somehow I sense boredom and I end up deleting the things I've typed down. I've probably did the deleting about 3 times or something now. LOL gomenasai... but, I have a plot in mind now, I just have to type it down and read it again to check if I feel the story or not. :D But I'll be finishing that story YUPZ! I will finish it, I already have an ending in mind... :D

So haha, back to the reason for this post...

Here's the link:
An Idiot's Guide to Falling in Love Sequel Part I: Seeing Red


Toma'sGirl said...

Great sequel!! haha loved this chapter..^_~ I'm confused to whom I would want her to end up with hahaha..^_^ pls MORE!!!

Jet said...

Who is really Asano Youichi in Haruka's life? Correct me if I'm wrong, is this a love triangle? I can feel that world war 3 will come. lol.

Pipan P said...

Thank you so much for reading. :D I will be explaining Asano's character soon, hopefully... Thanks for reading and leaving a comment :D