Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nodame Cantabile Live Action

Nodame Cantabile Live Action is one of my favorite jdramas. It's also one of the best Live Action series I've seen. It's so much better than the anime (Personal Opinion), well the anime is still good, but the Live action is so much better. The plot revolves around classical music, much like La Corda d'Oro Primmo Passo, but the story's totally different. Nodame Cantabile's is a love-comedy series, well there is actually more comedy than romance, it's very very entertaining.

Brief overview. Nodame Cantabile is mainly about two music students who both study the piano. The guy, Chiaki Shinichi is an excellent piano player with a fear of riding aircrafts, or ships due to some horrible experiences when he was still very young. This prevents him from leaving the country and pursuing the thing he really wants to do, conduct. He wants to be a conductor like Vienna-sensei, a popular conductor. Well what happened was, while he was lying outside his apartment door, drunk, a certain girl, by the name Noda Megumi, Nodame for short recognized him and brought him inside her super messy, dumpster like apartment. He wakes up with the lovely sound of Nodame's piano skills and the terrible smell of her garbage-filled room. And that started it all. The serious Chiaki who thinks of everything around him in the country he was living in boring, found someone who turned his world upside down.

It's a very interesting drama, lots of laughs and really good music. The characters are all so lovable, and the story's really sweet. It's something worth watching (me thinks). :D


JerryInc said...

hey, i love this show as well. havent been watching due to my irregular work schedule :)

Pipan P said...

ah... that's too bad, the series gets better every episode. :) I hope you get some free time soon, so you can finish watching Nodame Cantabile. :)

and thank you so much for leaving a comment, take care :)