Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thank You!!

I was Devastated when I heard the news that our system did not make it. Yep, depressed and well a bit emotional, haha! Me NOT emo really, it’s just that, I felt terrible hearing the verdict given to our group last night that I had a hard time coping with myself. Haha!

But I’m all right now, I feel very thankful and grateful for knowing such nice friends who listened to my rants, told me that everything’s going to be all right, not to loose hope… Guys, salamat jud kaayo so much! And sorry if medyo bitter ang akong mood earlier.

Now when I recall the things I’ve been thinking and doing I realized the lameness of them. My friends and my family made me remember that worrying and sulking over things that had already happened will only bring me more problems. What’s done is done and what I should do now is to take the experience and the lessons with me, Pray to God for guidance and do better next time. diba? Sa akong group mates, who I’m sure felt the same way I did, I’m sure we’ll manage, haha! Kaya nato ni… bawi lng ta. :)

Again, Salamat! ^__^

Bwahaha, I’ll be watching all the anime episodes I haven’t seen yet for now, haha, Me loves ANIME, ANIME is good, vewy vewy good… :D Visit my other blog Sweet Reflections, if you have time, it’s about anime, lots and lots of anime… :)

Haha, ja-ne~!


Myles said...

hi pan..yeah! kaya nato ni..hehe!
tama jud..di jud ta dapat mawalaan ug pag asa...

Godbless sa atua ni pola..hehe

Anonymous said...

cebuano ka ba? ^__^ just asking.

i don't what happend with you but i'm glad that you're doing fine now and have seen through things. its okay to be depressed and sulk on something as long as we don't overdo it. and besides, we hope that's why we get depressed. its just natural. ^__~ so don't be too hard on yourself.

let's just watch anime! tons of it. it'll be a great way to cheer up yourself. ^__^

Pipan P said...

Nope, DavaoeƱo po. :)

Thanks ha... Well what happened was we had this project--to create a system for a company. Apparently, the verdict for the project wasn't good, hmm... our panelists thought that it's not good enough so... well... haha... the result wasn't good... pero super thank you ha! I really appreciate it. And yes, ANIME!! it definitely makes you feel better.

To Myles... Yupz, kaya jud nato ni! haha bawi lng ta. I'm sure we'll make it through. God Bless and Thanks :D ^__^