Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zettai Kareshi Live Action First Impressions

Zettai Kareshi Chart from wiki

I’ve just finished watching Zettai Kareshi Live action and *wait* KYAAAAAAAAAA! It’s really good!! It’ll surely be a part of my favorite Live Actions and JDrama series.

As I have mentioned before, I haven’t read the manga, so I cannot compare the live action with the original manga, but from what I saw (First Episode) it’s very very very very good.

All righty, brief overview:

Riko is a girl who had a lot of unrequited love experiences since she was young. She gets rejected by every guy she falls in love with. One time, while having some coffee with the guy she likes, a full time worker in the company she’s working in, she was automatically rejected, not even given the chance to confess. Well what happened was, erm… because of the incident, she went to a certain restaurant where she seems to blurt out her heartaches, while she was drinking, a guy who was then known to be from a company called Kronos Heaven, told her that he can help her change her life.

She was then brought to a place where she was asked to answer different questions regarding her “ideal boyfriend”. She participated and answered the questions given to her, thinking that Kronos Heaven is a matchmaking company. Actually, she insisted that she doesn’t need any help, left the building and assumed the event done and irrelevant. Little did she know that something that would really change her life is coming her way.

One day, while she was preparing to go to work, a huge package arrived and when she opened it, she saw a guy. Just when she was getting freaked out, the guy from Kronos Heaven called her and explained things. She read the manual that came with the package and it said a kiss is needed for it to boot up. She did what the manual instructed but there wasn’t any effect… well that was until she came home after work. The robot lover wakes up and a lot of very interesting things happened.

I’ll stop here, before I summarize the whole episode. Gomen, I’m extremely loving the series that I cannot help it.

Anyways, this is going to be a love triangle thingy… I tell you Soshi (a.k.a Nanba-senpai (haha I just love him) real name: Mizushima Hiro) plays his role really well (KYAAAA!!) see? I just love him… and Night (Tsuchiya of Gokusen 2… real name: Hayami Mokomichi) is just adorable, I mean really… They don’t call it Absolute Boyfriend for nothing, he’s well programmed haha! Riko’s ideal boyfriend.

I’ve only seen the first episode, since only the first episode is subbed during this time, but I highly recommend it. Haha, if you love romance-comedy series that is… I personally love it! (I’ve said this so many times already… haha can’t help it). I’ll surely be waiting for the next subbed episodes and I’ll surely be watching this series. ^__^

ja ne!


Subtle_Hints said...

I watched the fist episode of Zettai Kareshi and it was really a feel good episode..^__^ Night really is the "ideal boyfriend" type LOL!! great post!!

Anonymous said...

I know where you can read the manga online for free! Check out The storyline is kinda different, but still it's REALLY good.