Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pretend Chapter 2 and 3

The second and third chapters are up. It's long been uploaded but I was still thinking whether to post it here or not. But since I feel it's already all right, here it is... haha, I'm currently working on the fourth chapter and hopefully it would turn out fine.

Btw, Obaa-sama is a formal way of saying Grandmother (most of the people using it are the rich ones... as observed on most animes), Obaa-chan means the same only without being too formal.
Onee-chan means older sister, Okaa-san means mother

I'm using those terms on this chapter... :D Scratch that, I used it on the fourth chapter, not on the 2nd or 3rd, Gomenasai :)

Oh and I'll have to apologize, I'm too lazy to put javascript codes for jumping pages, I've only managed to put it on A Phone Call Away, the other stories... well, I'll try to put some when I get the time, ne?

Pretend Chapter 2

Pretend Chapter 3

I hope you like it, thanks :D

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NaruMai said...

This new chappies were great^^ I really feel sorry for Chihiro (did I get the name right?^__^ not good with remembering names..) whenever she sees Hajime with another girl... but she's a strong girl and she has Ken at her beck and call^^ the two of them are really cute together with Ken being a superstar but is being bossed around by a girl is a very interesting plot^__^ keep it up!! i'll be waiting for MORE^__^